Article 3.6.1M : Data is not logging for few meters - Why & How to solve it?

Article 3.6.1M : Data is not logging for few meters - Why & How to solve it?

Step 1 : First Check SQL database (i.e whether it is connected/online or not).
Step 2 :If only few meters data are not logging, then database might be corrupted.
Step 3 : Create a new database with a same name (delete/rename previous one),

Step 4 : After creating the new DB, (If old DB is there, we can restore it) or rerun the configurator (It will create the meters in newly created  DB).
Note : Rerunning configurator will remove the third party meter models which added earlier (i.e it will get back to default). To overcome this, we need to restore ELNetDB.
Step 5 : Now, you can start the service & monitor the data.
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