Explain Overcurrent, Overload and Overvoltage.

Explain Overcurrent, Overload and Overvoltage.

Overcurrent is the condition where the excessive current starts to flow in the circuit due to overload and especially short circuit.

Overcurrent protection is generally a protection against short circuit where excessive current starts to flow in the circuit which leads to damage the connected equipment.

An electrical overload is the condition where the load takes more current than the normal or rated current.
Overload protection is actually a protection against overheat due to the flow of overcurrent in the circuit for specific time.

Overvoltage is the condition where the operating or supply voltage is higher than the rated voltage of the system specified by the manufacturer.
overvoltage caused by lightning strikes, power system and switching surges and insulation failure etc can be protected by avalanche diodes, voltage dependent resistors (VDR), gas discharge valves, lightning rods, arcing horns etc.
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